About Us

St. Peters CDC – Where learning is child’s play!

Each class at the CDC is committed to providing developmentally appropriate activities for it’s age group. At all ages, lesson and activity plans are developed to help children achieve developmental milestones and eventually prepare them for kindergarten.

From 6 weeks to age 2, classroom plans focus on activities and guided play that build cognitive, social, emotional, and motor skill development. Children enjoy songs, art, stories, free play, play time in developmental centers and many other activities in a caring environment. Bible stories and prayers are used at all levels. Children progress through the childcare program based on age, developmental levels, and space availability.

As children enter the three-year-old program we emphasize the development of social and pre-reading skills while reinforcing basic values and the presence of God. The curriculum is based on “Creative Curriculum” endorsed by National Association Education of young Children, “Discovering God’s Child” religion, Saxon Math Pre-K programs and “Hand Writing Without Tears”, to build a foundation that includes listening, speaking, and thinking skills. Fine and gross motor skill development are encouraged through planned activities.

In our four-year-old program, reading, writing, and math readiness are emphasized using the SRA Open Court Reading, Scott-Foresman Mathematics and “Hand Writing Without Tears”, as well as activities to emphasize fine motor skill development. Religion reinforces values and the presence of God in our lives using the Sadlier “Discovering God’s World” religion program. Art, activity centers, songs, games, and “letter of the week” activities reinforce lessons. Children of all ages enjoy a variety of activities including music, Spanish, “Summer Fun” events, holiday programs by our children, and weekly prayer services for 3’s and 4’s. For an additional fee, children also have the option of taking dance, computer, gymnastics, and play-ball onsite during school hours.